We do have some more of our T-Bird players on at all Age Levels in action at the NEW YORK HOCKEY TOURNAMENT in Buffalo this weekend. The Tier III event begins tomorrow, and you can follow along through the following Website: https://gamesheetstats.com/seasons/1824/schedule

Attached is also the streaming if you choose to watch, as per last weekend’s events in Buffalo. Good luck to the Following Players and their teams.

Reilly Hanley Freshmen Connetquot, 14U Dix Hills Hawks

Larry Andres Freshmen Connetquot, 14U Dix Hills Hawks

Chris Esposito Sophomore BBP, 16U Rinx Hockey

Richie Westoff Sophomore Connetquot, 16U Rinx Hockey

Ryan Delucie Junior Connetquot, 16U Rinx Hockey

George Vadyak Senior Sayville, 18U LI Whalers

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