For only a handful of the returning seniors (5 in total) the Suffolk County Playoffs is a different bread of hockey. Crowds get bigger, noise gets louder, and Players get better – we hope, ha. T-Birds will be playing against the Knights of KPC, a team with good goaltending a triple threat. As we know from our varsity squad last season that is all you need to advance, but not enough to win it all.

Let’s support the the Boys by showing up with the Red Sea of jerseys and shirts! Tickets are to be purchased in advance through the T-Bird organization. Please contact the T-Birds via the Instagram account, tbirds.icehockey if you like to attend. Bracelets are $5 and will not be sold at the door on Monday. We will distribute and collect payment outside the Rinx as you arrive. Students please bring your Student ID for security purposes through the Rinx and League.

Looking forward to another memorable playoff run with our experienced returning players, as well as the opportunity for our younger players to Shine and make a name for themselves.

Let’s Go T-Birds!!!

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