With only two returning JV players from the season prior going into the 2022/23 season the expectation was growth through experience. Coached by John Ree, Darrin King and John Jackalone the team gained the experience that was expected, with some ups and downs along the way.

The strength of the squad started with their Goalies, Alex Clark and Richie Westoff. Both gave the team an opportunity to compete even when outmatched by a more talented roster. Amongst their teammates they provided the confidence boost needed for a young team. Nice job gents!

The strength continued from the backend with solid defensive play from two familiar faces and four others who jumped into the mix with little hesitation. Chris Esposito and Andrew Snyder had very productive seasons on both ends of the ice, leading the team in scoring with 24 and 11 points respectively, and landing them with a varsity call up to finish the Season. Ella Treco, Josh King, Larry Andres, and Tyler Scandiffio all made the move from Freshmen to JV and contributed accordingly with strong performances as the season moved forward.

The Forwards is where the team had the most new faces. William Micca, Tyler Hopkins, Keyan Makely, William Bozeman, Matt Warner, Theo Tanzi, and Alex Theodorellis were all first year T-Bird players. They were positive additions to the program and each contributed to the team moral. Alex finished 4th with points on the team, Matt Warner brought a good two way game to the roster, Will Bozeman and Theo Tanzi brought a physical presence; and Tyler, Keyan, and William Micca earned some needed experience on the High School level.

Returning forwards from Freshman to the JV squad saw enormous improvement in ability and contributions to the team. Paul Wagner, Chase Haggerty, Brady Hall, Nick Masi, and Joe Jackalone were the only forwards with experience within the program, and did a fantastic job filling big holes in the JV roster from the season before. All of these players have come along way over the past 2 and 3 seasons, and we see bigger opportunities and contributions next season and beyond. Thank you fellas!

And the Coaches were fantastic. John Ree’s experience in teaching hockey and relating to players is a gift. The team, this season like all his teams in the past, will always call him Coach Ree – and that is his gratitude. Darrin King was a calming influence on the bench, and knew how to keep the defense in mental check throughout the Season. John Jackalone brought some fresh competitive level to the team that was needed on the bench and in practice. Thank you Coaches.

6-11-1 with a 9th place finish, and more competitive games then lopsided events was a very realistic outcome for this roster. The organization would like to thank the players and coaches, as well as team coordinator Nancy Clark, for a productive season. The year was highlighted by a win over Pat Med and taking care of business verse their equals.

GREAT JOB Squad on the 2022/23 Season.

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