Last season the T-Birds came out on the victorious side of a 1-0 playoff win after 2 Overtimes and a shootout against Kings Park/ Commack. This season the T-Birds came out on the short side of yet another 1-0 Overtime thriller against Kings Park/ Commack. In both the standouts for the T-Birds were their back stops, and as the Matt Hughes the season before Shane Kirby’s performance was the talk of the Suffolk County Playoffs.

Kirby’s acrobatic style was on full display, and he kept the T-Birds alive throughout the game, as he had done throughout the entire season. Unlike last season’s playoff game this season the T-Birds had some glorious opportunities and carried the play for much of the 1st and 2nd period; just unfortunate bounces or great saves that went against the T-Birds.

The Staff and the players parents could not of been more proud of the T-Birds performance in this game, and particularly of the teams improvement of the season. The team started the season 1 win 5 loses, and finished with a 9-11 Record, going 8-6 for the remainder of the season. Growth as a team and as individuals playing as a team lead to improvement and success.

Thank you to all the fans in attendance at the Playoff Game, it was and will always be a memorable experience for all the players.

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