Today we are bringing back our Alumni spotlight post, and today we are updating the T-Bird Program on Shaun Hill, a tremendous athlete, playing three varsity sports. Shaun was a defensemen for the T-Birds with little Ice Hockey experience before starting high school hockey but great roller hockey player. If there was one lasting characteristic of Shaun it was the ultimate Teammate! Shaun also made attending T-Bird Varsity games the experience it is today!

  1. What town did you grow up in & High school did you attend? . I grew up in Oakdale, went to Connetquot high school 
  2. Did you play other sports in High School, if so which one(s)? I played lacrosse and football 
  3. What years did you play for the T-Birds Club? I played for the T-birds from 7th-12th grade (2017-2022)
  4. Was there a coach that left an impression or influence for you that helped in hockey and life (High School, Travel, etc)? Coach Jay Woolley was one of the best coaches I have ever played for, he was a great leader and helped further shape me into the player and person I am today
  5. What was your most memorable moment while playing for the TBirds? My most memorable moment with the T-birds was the playoff run in 2022 to County Finals
  6. Where and for whom did you play your travel hockey? Never Played Travel Hockey
  7. Did you play hockey past High School, if so where? Never Played after High School
  8. What is Shaun Hill doing today? I am currently playing Division 1 lacrosse at Long Island University 
  9. What would you recommend the current TBirds players take away from their High School Hockey Experience? Enjoy all the time spent with your teammates, and don’t take any of it for granted. 
  10. Anything that you would like to add about your time playing for the TBirds; teammates/ coaches/ parent support/ etc? It was such an incredible experience, I am so grateful for all the friendships and memories I created while playing for this team. 

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